Rita Indiana Made in Saturn Recensie

Rita Indiana Made in Saturn Recensie


Made in Saturn

  • Schrijfster: Rita Indiana (Dominicaanse Republiek)
  • Soort boek: sociale roman
  • Origineel: Made in Saturn (2010)
  • Engelse vertaling: Sydney Hutchinson
  • Uitgever: And Other Books
  • Verschijnt: 23 januari 2020
  • Omvang: 124 pagina’s
  • Uitgave: Paperback

Flaptekst van de roman van Rita Indiana

These are the children of revolutions, and this is their story. This is the Caribbean. This is Argenis Luna: an artist who no longer paints, a heroin addict who no longer uses, and an overgrown child trying to make sense of his inheritance in a country where his once-revolutionary father is now part of the ruling elite. Thrown out of rehab in Havana, with Goya’s tyrannical god Saturn on his mind, Argenis picks his way through the detritus of an abandoned generation: the drag queens, artists, hustlers and lovers trying to build lives amidst the wreckage.

Mesmerising and visionary, Made in Saturn is a hangover from a riotous funeral, a rapid-fire elegy for the revolutionary spirit, and a glimpse of hope for all who feel eclipsed by those who came before them.

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