Yukio Mishima Life for Sale Recensie Japanse roman uit 1968

Yukio Mishima Life for Sale Recensie Japanse roman uit 1968

Life for Sale

  • Schrijver: Yukio Mishima (Japan)
  • Soort boek: Japanse roman
  • Origineel: 命売ります / Inochi Urimasu (1968)
  • Engelse vertaling: Stephen Dodd
  • Uitgever: Penguin Modern Classics
  • Verschijnt: 4 februari 2021
  • Omvang: 192 pagina’s
  • Uitgave: Paperback / Ebook

Recensie en waardering van de roman Life for Sale

  • “The best book I’ve read this year … darkly comedic and full of tension and surprise.” (Marina Abramovic)

Flaptekst van de roman uit 1968 van Yukio Mishima

‘Life for sale. Use me as you wish. I am a twenty-seven-year-old male. Discretion guaranteed. Will cause no bother at all.’

When Hanio Yamada realises the future holds little of worth to him, he puts his life for sale in a Tokyo newspaper, thus unleashing a series of unimaginable exploits. A world of murderous mobsters, hidden cameras, a vampire woman, poisoned carrots, code-breaking, a hopeless junkie heiress and makeshift explosives reveals itself to the unwitting hero. Is there nothing he can do to stop it? Resolving to follow the orders of his would-be purchasers, he comes to understand what life is worth, and whether we can indeed name our price.

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