Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson Twice in a Lifetime IJsland verhalen

Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson Twice in a Lifetime IJsland verhalen

Twice in a Lifetime

  • Schrijver: Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson (IJsland)
  • Soort boek: IJsland verhalen
  • Engelse vertaling
  • Uitgever: Comma Press
  • Verschenen: 2011
  • Omvang: 129 pagina’s
  • Uitgave: Paperback / Ebook

Flaptekst van de verhalenbundel van Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson

Offering an intricate study in the precariousness of life, this short story collection inspects the coincidences that make life so unstable and fragile. A child steals cash from his father for a pretend-money game and unwittingly throws his brother’s entire life off balance; a man has a one-night stand with a married woman and only realizes the consequences years later; a successful businessman tries to scheme his way out of a paternity test by offering his less fortunate brother a deal he cannot refuse. Yet amid the anonymity of urban life, random accidents, and mistaken identities, there can also be found an abiding faith in the unexpected gifts that chance throws up: synchronicities, coincidences, moments in time that offer fresh secrets, and, occasionally, even a second chance.

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