Kjell Askildsen Everything Like Before Recensie

Kjell Askildsen Everything Like Before Recensie

Everything Like Before

  • Schrijver: Kjell Askildsen (Noorwegen)
  • Soort boek: verhalen
  • Origineel: Alt som før (2005)
  • Uitgever: Penguin Modern Classics
  • Verschijnt: 27 april 2021
  • Omvang: 240 pagina’s
  • Uitgave: Paperback / Ebook

Recensie en waardering van het boek

  • “Askildsen’s dry, absurd humour is not unlike that of Beckett… His short stories are packed with irony, and the dialogue is sharp and expressive.” (TLS)
  • “Full of compelling strangeness. Lives surge through a few brittle pages, suppressed loves and resentments threaten to erupt.” (Independent)

Flaptekst van de verhalenbundel van de Noorse schrijver Kjell Askildsen

Spare, taut and told with flashes of pitch-black humour, the short stories of Norwegian master Kjell Askildsen capture all the strangeness of modern existence. In this selection of tales, spanning the whole of his brilliant career, unnerving encounters occur, lonely individuals try to connect, families and relationships are fractured, and we are confronted by the fragility and absurdity of life.

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