Sigrún Pálsdóttir History A Mess Recensie

Sigrún Pálsdóttir History A Mess Recensie

History. A Mess.

  • Schrijfster: Sigrún Pálsdóttir (IJsland)
  • Soort boek: IJslandse roman, psychologische roman
  • Origineel: Kompa (2016)
  • Engelse vertaling: Lytton Smith
  • Uitgever: Open Letter Books
  • Verschenen: 23 juli 2019
  • Omvang: 120 pagina’s
  • Uitgave: Paperback

Flaptekst van de IJslandse roman

While studying a seventeenth-century diary, the protagonist of History. A Mess. uncovers information about the first documented professional female artist. This discovery promises to change her academic career, and life in general . . . until she realizes that her “discovery” was nothing more than two pages stuck together. At this point there’s no going back though, and she goes to great lengths to hide her mistake—undermining her sanity in the process. A shifty, satirical novel that’s funny and colorful, while also raising essential questions about truth, research, and the very nature of belief.

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