Saumya Dave – Well-Behaved Indian Women

Saumya Dave Well-Behaved Indian Women recensie en informatie over de inhoud van deze nieuwe Amerikaanse roman. Op 14 juli 2020 verschijnt bij Uitgeverij Berkley de eerste roman van de Amerikaanse schrijfster Saumya Dave. Er is nog geen Nederlandse vertaling van de roman verkrijgbaar.

Saumya Dave Well-Behaved Indian Women Recensie en Informatie

Als de redactie het boek leest, kun je op deze pagina de recensie en waardering vinden van de roman Well-Behaved Indian Women. Het boek is geschreven door Saumya Dave. Daarnaast zijn hier gegevens van de uitgave en bestelmogelijkheden opgenomen. Bovendien kun je op deze pagina informatie lezen over de inhoud van de debuutroman van de Amerikaanse schrijfster Saumya Dave.

Saumya Dave Wel-Behaved Indian Women Recensie

Well-Behaved Indian Women

  • Schrijfster: Saumya Dave (Verenigde Staten)
  • Soort boek: Amerikaanse roman, debuutroman
  • Taal: Engels
  • Uitgever: Berkley
  • Verschijnt: 14 juli 2020
  • Omvang: 336 pagina’s
  • Uitgave: Paperback / Ebook

Flaptekst van de eerste roman van Saumya Dave

From a compelling new voice in women’s fiction comes a mother-daughter story about three generations of women who struggle to define themselves as they pursue their dreams.

Simran Mehta has always felt harshly judged by her mother, Nandini, especially when it comes to her little “writing hobby.” But when a charismatic and highly respected journalist careens into Simran’s life, she begins to question not only her future as a psychologist, but her engagement to her high school sweetheart.

Nandini Mehta has strived to create an easy life for her children in America. From dealing with her husband’s demanding family to the casual racism of her patients, everything Nandini has endured has been for her children’s sake. It isn’t until an old colleague makes her a life-changing offer that Nandini realizes she’s spent so much time focusing on being the Perfect Indian Woman, she’s let herself slip away.

Mimi Kadakia failed her daughter, Nandini, in ways she’ll never be able to fix—or forget. But with her granddaughter, she has the chance to be supportive and offer help when it’s needed. As life begins to pull Nandini and Simran apart, Mimi is determined to be the bridge that keeps them connected, even as she carries her own secret burden.

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