Aaron Gwyn – All God’s Children

Aaron Gwyn All God’s Children recensie en informatie over de inhoud van deze nieuwe Amerikaanse historische roman over het Wilde Westen. Op 20 oktober 2020 verschijnt bij Uitgeverij Europa Editions de nieuwe roman van de Amerikaanse schrijver Aaron Gwyn. Er is nog geen Nederlandse vertaling van de roman verkrijgbaar of aangekondigd.

Aaron Gwyn All God’s Children recensie en informatie

Als de redactie het boek leest, kun je op deze pagina de recensie en waardering vinden van de historische roman All God’s Children. Het boek is geschreven door Aaron Gwyn. Daarnaast zijn hier gegevens van de uitgave en bestelmogelijkheden opgenomen. Bovendien kun je op deze pagina informatie lezen over de inhoud van de historische roman van de Amerikaanse schrijver Aaron Gwyn.

Aaron Gwyn All God's Children Recensie

All God’s Children

A Novel of the American West

  • Schrijver: Aaron Gwyn (Verenigde Staten)
  • Soort boek: historische roman, slavernijroman
  • Taal : Engels
  • Uitgever: Europa Editions
  • Verschijnt: 20 oktober 2020
  • Omvang: 400 pagina’s
  • Uitgave: Paperback

Recensie en waardering voor All God’s Children

  • “Gwyn knows how to tell a story—he builds suspense wonderfully…his excellent writing and gift for pacing make this an enjoyable historical novel.” (Kirkus Reviews)
  • “Mr. Gwyn depicts the eventful mission with tight dramatic control and a flair for suspenseful twists, and the same ambiguities that surround John Wayne’s ruthlessly single-minded Ethan Edwards.” (The Wall Street Journal)
  • “In Gwyn’s expert hands, nothing, including good or evil, is ever so simple.” (Caroline Leavitt, The Boston Globe)
  • “The book’s pacing is cinematic, and it echoes adrenalized silver-screen war stories like “Three Kings” and “The Hurt Locker,” as well as the gentler cross-species concerns of “The Horse Whisperer.” (John Williams, The New York Times)

Flaptekst van de historische roman over het Wilde Westen

A novel about the remarkable people living on the edge of freedom and slavery, All God’s Children brings to life the paradoxes of the American frontier – a place of liberty and bondage, wild equality, and cruel injustice.

In 1827, Duncan Lammons, a disgraced young man from Kentucky, sets out to join the American army in the province of Texas, hoping that here he may live – and love – as he pleases. That same year, Cecelia, a young slave in Virginia, runs away for the first time.

Soon infamous for her escape attempts, Cecelia drifts through the reality of slavery – until she encounters frontiersman Sam Fisk, who rescues her from a slave auction in New Orleans.

In spite of her mistrust, Cecelia senses an opportunity for freedom, and travels with Sam to Texas, where he has a homestead. In this new territory, where the law is an instrument for the cruel and the wealthy, they begin an unlikely life together, unaware that their fates are intertwined with those of Sam’s former army mates including Duncan Lammons, a friend – and others who harbor dangerous dreams of their own.

This novel will take its place among the great stories that recount the country’s fight for freedom – one that makes us want to keep on with the struggle.

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