Sacha Naspini – Nives

Sacha Naspini Nives recensie en informatie over de inhoud van deze Italiaanse roman. Op 20 april verschijnt bij uitgeverij Europa Editions de Engelse vertaling van de roman Nives van de Italiaanse schrijver Sacha Naspini. Er is geen Nederlandse vertaling van de roman verkrijgbaar of aangekondigd.

Sacha Naspini Nives recensie en informatie

Als de redactie het boek leest, kun je op deze pagina de recensie en waardering lezen van de roman Nives. Het boek is geschreven door Sacha Naspini. Daarnaast zijn hier gegevens van de uitgave en bestelmogelijkheden opgenomen. Bovendien kun je op deze pagina informatie lezen over de inhoud van de roman van de Italiaanse schrijver Sacha Naspini.

Sacha Naspini Nives Recensie


  • Schrijver: Sacha Naspini (Italië)
  • Soort boek: Italiaanse roman
  • Origineel: Nives (2020)
  • Engelse vertaling: Clarissa Botsford
  • Uitgever: Europa Editions
  • Verschijnt: 20 april 2021
  • Omvang: 144 pagina’s
  • Uitgave: Paperback / Ebook

Recensie en waardering van de roman

  • “A slim, sharply pointed knife of a novel.” (Kirkus Reviews)
  • “As immediate and spellbinding as a two-character play…Naspini is excellent at conjuring characters and situations.” (La Stampa)

Flaptekst van de roman van Sacha Naspini

One of the most exciting new voices in Italian literature brings to life a hauntingly beautiful story of undying love, loss, and resilience, and a fierce, unforgettable new heroine

Meet Nives: widow, Tuscan through-and-through, survivor. Nives has recently lost her husband of fifty years. She didn’t cry when she found him dead in the pig pen, she didn’t cry at the funeral, but now loneliness has set in. When she decides to bring her favorite chicken inside for company, she is shocked, confused, and a little bit guilty to discover that the chicken’s company is a more than adequate replacement for her dead husband.

But one day, Giacomina goes stiff in front of the tv. Unable to rouse the paralyzed chicken, Nives has no choice but to call the town veterinarian, Loriano Bottai, an old acquaintance of hers. What follows is a phone call that seems to last a lifetime, a phone call that becomes a novel. Their conversation veers from the chicken to the past—to the life they once shared, the secrets they never had the courage to reveal, wounds that never healed.

Nives reverberates with the kinds of stories we tell ourselves at night when we cannot sleep: stories of love lost, of abandonment, of silent and heart-breaking nostalgia, of joy, laughter, and despair. With delicate yet sharp prose and raw, astonishing honesty, Sacha Naspini bravely explores the core of our shared humanity.

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